I'm Dave, I live up the hill from Crackington Haven and I started Cornwall Microgreens in January 2020. Originally my intention was to supply microgreens to chefs and the catering industry but just before Easter 2020 when things were all set to get going, the first lockdown happened and all the restaurants were forced to shut their doors. Following a friend's suggestion I quickly switched to offering home deliveries and was quite suprised by the uptake...

Microgreens are quite an unusual product and it seems that as well as top chefs who are well known for using them to jazz up their dishes, salad lovers, foodies and keen home cooks also love to incorporate them into their meals for that dash of intense flavour or to make a meal look stunning on the plate, or simply just for their exceptionally high nutritional value...

I never thought to offer my product directly to the public but I've been amazed at the interest and have been thoroughly enjoying bringing these mini-vegetable salady delights to the front doors of my local neighbours and driving/cycling around the lanes on deliveries...

My partner, Johnno helps out with everything from planting seeds, watering & misting to harvesting & packing and all the endless little jobs that need doing

My friend, Rachel has been amazing and very generous in the amount of help she's offered to help me get things off the ground and she continues to help out with deliveries and bits and bobs

We grow our microgreens inside of a repurposed and reconditioned refrigerated lorry body which was saved from going to the scrap yard.

The grow space is extremely well insulated and provides the consistent environment required to succesfully grow microgreens all year round!

They are all grown under low wattage LED lights which are partly powered by solar panels (Sometimes totally solar powered during the summer months)

I tried growing microgreens outdoors in the polytunnel but even during the summer, the inconsistant conditions and temperature fluctuations made it impossible for them to grow evenly and to the specific time scales required.

Our Calendula and nastusium flowers are grown in the poly tunnel, our borage flowers are grown outdoors from the harvested borage microgreen stems and the other edible flowers are harvested wild from our private woodland.

We operate with a level 2 food safety certificate and we are aiming to be awarded

with a 5* rating when the food saftey officer comes to inspect

• Microgreens are the young, tender seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs which are harvested anywhere from 8 days to 4 weeks of germination.

• Packed with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants, they are said to be up to 40x more nutritious than their mature counterparts.

• Eye-catching, crunchy, and packed with flavour they are an attractive and delicious
addition to any dish; Toss them in a salad, chuck them on a burger or pizza, glitz up your
garnish, munch them on their own or simply scatter on top of any meal for that dash of something extra special!

• Our keep-fresh punnets are widely recycled and if you prefer then we have compostable, plant-based punnets and reusable tubs available on request.

• Based near Crackington Haven, we deliver for FREE in our bio-diesel powered van or sometimes by Ebike.

• We lovingly grow our non-GM seeds in high quality soil for maximum flavour and to the very highest of standards and don’t use any pesticides or other nasties.

• Check out our facebook page and give us a like for all the latest updates & offers.

• If you’re a restaurant owner or a chef, please get in touch for a sample.

• If you enjoy eating nutritious, flavour-packed food then why not give us a try?